Woman’s Transformation From Model To Meth Head Back To Model Is Shocking

Meth: it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on what part of the country you live in, and for one Jael Strauss it was what brought her to the brink of death back in 2012. Once a contestant on America’s Next Top Model a full decade ago, Jael was a finalist on the show’s eighth season after taking what the judges considered some of the best “high fashion” photos out of everyone in the competition:

She looks great, right?

Well here’s what she looked like on meth five years later:

I’ve been told that I am too “mean” and that I should write “nicer,” so instead of saying that Jael’s face looks like it’s melting off her skull like candle wax, I’ll say she’s overdue for some exfoliation. Like, Jael is going to need to exfoliate with 10’x10’sheet of sandpaper and follow it up with a paper bag over her face if she ever wants to successfully work the drive-thru at her local McDonald’s.

(In reality, Jael works at a rehab center in Texas and spends her days helping people whereas I spend mine tearing them down and smoking weed in my underwear. Make no mistake: Jael is a better person than I, she just happens to be unfortunate enough to have picked up a meth habit after her friend died from an overdose — to be honest, I am probably half of a wrong decision away from becoming a meth addict too, so I really shouldn’t be slinging any shit.)    

Jael’s family eventually enlisted the help of Dr. Phil, who invited her onto his show only to have her physically resist going onstage, followed by her running away outside onto the Paramount lot. While Phil did follow her outside to try and help, Jael says that she felt “exploited” by the whole experience: “First of all, I was interventioned, meaning I did not have a choice. I do feel that ‘The Dr. Phil Show’ exploited me and has done that to other people and their addictions.”

Now sober for three years, Jael lives with her girlfriend in Austin, Texas. She looks significantly better than her meth days, though the damage is still apparent:

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