‘Wonder Woman’ & ‘IT” Have New Trailers

wonder woman


Depending on who you ask, trailers for two highly anticipated movies dropped over the weekend or trailers for two movies dropped over the weekend. Here they are.


Wonder Woman



The trailer looks great. Gal Gadot looks great. Some of the shots looks great. It looks like 15 mins of the movie will be slo mo shots which isn’t great. I really, really, really want to like this movie. I really do. But DC is an abusive spouse that we all keep going back to hoping they’ll change. If this movie sucks, I’m going to get DC drunk and burn them alive in bed. I can’t take this shit anymore.





This trailer also looks great. The book was a masterpiece. The acting looks great. At the same time, I know it’s very possible that everyone involved could easily fuck this up. For one, I don’t understand the Pennywise here. Pennywise dressed as a clown to lure kids. This Pennywise is not how you lure kids. I also don’t know if Pennywise is evil in this version because he was forehead-shamed as a kid. Maybe they’ll answer that.

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