Would You?! A Sexy Lady Pinhead From Hellraiser? Comic-Con Edition

For today in our column “Would Ya?!”  we are taking another look at a Cosplay favorite that might be hitting Comic-Con in San Diego this week. Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise! This hot, lady Pinhead came all the way from another dimension to let you she would like you to open her puzzle box.

As always, for the purposes of this quandary we are assuming that this gal is not just some fun, “nerd chick” in a crazy cosplay costume, but in fact a leader of the Cenobites who has traveled to Earth through the Lament Configuration from Hell in order to harvest human souls.

This brings us to our Break Poll! Would ya!? Would you be able to put aside the hideous pin face that might poke you in the eye or somewhere worse? Could you poke the pin lady?

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