Would You Pay $5,000 To Break The Speed Of Sound?

Billionaire Richard Branson has had enough of our achingly slow jumbo jets. And he’s a man who has the power to do something about it. The business magnate known for his Virgin records, airlines, and space tourism empire (and the occasional photobombing of a sleeping employee), announced today he is partnering with Denver based Boom Aviation to bring supersonic travel back to the everyman with the new Boom XB-1. 

Well the everyman who can pay the airline’s estimated $5,000 roundtrip ticket. Which comes out to roughly $700 per hour you are in the air.  On the upside for that mighty sum you do get some truly incredible perks like aisle access for every seat, personal tv’s, and premium business class seat design like this.

But the greatest perk is of course the time travel. That’s right the 3.5 hour journey from London to NYC will have passengers landing at least an hour before they left London.  So really $12 dollars a minute is a steal to say you’re a time traveler.  

But then again why spend that money on 7 hours in the sky when you could spend it on a life time in a sweet ride like this.

What do you think? Is $5,000 worth it to break the speed of sound in the lap of luxury?

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