WTF? California Cops Found Two Baby Cows Stuffed Inside A Honda Civic

Talk about a “mooving violation”, earlier this month a California Highway Patrol officer rescued two calfs from a Honda Civic parked on the side of the California interstate near Beaumont. A concerned citizen saw one of the cows climbing out of the Civic’s open trunk and called 911.

When police arrived, they found a second calf tied up in the Civic’s back seat. The calves are doing great, but the car’s driver was nowhere to be found. I’m both horrified that someone would do this to baby cows, and impressed that Honda Civics have that much leg room.

While this story is in the news, I figured this would be a good time to list off some other animals that you shouldn’t keep in the back seat of your car.


With their dry skin, they’d probably be more comfortable in a pool than stuffed into the passenger seat of your Toyota Carolla. There’s also the whole “they’d definitely bite you” thing.


The movie Borat made it seem like a hilarious idea to drive around with a bear in the back seat of your car but I assure you this is not the case. The process of trapping a bear and loading it into your car would be pretty dangerous and driving 60 miles per hour with an angry several hundred pound animal behind you within razor sharp claw swiping distance would add another level of “bad idea” to the whole thing.


If you are a trained beekeeper, loading a loose beehive into the back seat of your car would be pretty easy. My main concern here is that wearing a full bee suit while driving would obscure your vision somewhat, and if you were to get into an accident, the bees would definitely escape which would be bad news for other drivers.


They make horse trailers for a reason and that reason is so you don’t cram a horse into your car.

 A Pack of Wild Dogs

Driving around with one dog in the back seat of your car is probably fine. That dog is most likely domesticated and fine around humans and cars. A pack of wild dogs is a completely different story. First off, they aren’t domesticated so that’ll be an issue. Secondly, some packs can grow to as many as 24 dogs. That’s a lot of mutt meat to cram into a Honda Essence without effecting visibility and comfort.


Driving with a whale in the back of your car sounds insane. Your car wasn’t built for that. The whale wasn’t built for that. Just don’t do it.

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