Yolanda Foster Explains How She Was Diagnosed With Lyme Disease

Yolanda Foster

Yolanda Foster has been looking for a cure for years, as she’s struggling with lyme disease on a daily basis. Foster learned that two of her three children had also been diagnosed with lyme disease, and she determined that her new mission in life was to find a cure. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Foster has been questioned about her illness and she’s now opening up about the diagnosis.

According to a new tweet, Yolanda Foster is now revealing that she’s been diagnosed several times via tests. In other words, Yolanda isn’t just making up her own diagnosis based on her own symptoms. And while some people are quick to jump to conclusions, fans are now asking her about her journey to get diagnosed.

“Honest question, were you ever diagnosed with Lyme Disease from a test? #RHOBH Positive vibes your way and road 2 recovery,” one person wrote, asking about how Yolanda was diagnosed with lyme disease. But Foster was quick to explain that she was indeed diagnosed with tests and she has actually been diagnosed several times. “Yes of course, multiple times and in different counties, diagnosis is clear, finding a cure is not #LymeDisease,” Yolanda Foster  revealed on social media.

Many of her co-stars haven’t been there for her illness. Foster revealed last year that she had spent many hours in bed and none of the ladies had stopped by to visit her. Of course, she lived in Malibu at the time, and the ladies were living in Beverly Hills. The traffic may have been an excuse once or twice, but it doesn’t make sense that the ladies would judge her from afar from years.

What do you think of Yolanda Foster’s story of getting diagnosed? Why do you think so many people are questioning her illness?

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