You Can Make Your Sims Have Graphic Sex With Each Other If You Really Want

Enough with all the talk about sex robots on the internet. I’m never going to have sex with a robot, okay? I get off by watching binary code fuck.

Thank God for the Sims 4 mod WickedWhims, which allows me to make my Sims sin in an endless variety of sex acts, numbers, and gender combinations. WickedWhims is the brainchild of an aptly-named programmer by the name of Turbodriver, and in case you think he’s just pulling his pud with this stuff, know that his Patreon is currently pulling in $4,161.

Kotaku’s covering the story in depth, but here are some highlights:

The mod’s original name was WickedWoohoo, but as “woohooing” is an actual Sims term, he changed it slightly so that he wouldn’t end up getting screwed with a lawsuit.

Turbodriver is working on a mod that will allow the Sims to have sex of their own free will, though the personalities of the Sims and rules of the game means they won’t just throw down for any reason, which is ironic, because you would think video game characters could easily get turned on at any time.

Incest is allowed, bro.

You can’t have sex with children, so don’t even ask. Oh, and certainly not in the game, either.

You can learn more here, but you can see more right here. We’ve collected some of the most titillating images from various modders and just barely un-NSFW-ed them.

She’s really tickling the ivory here.

I’m guessing that blue haired Sim is set to “SJW Think Piece Writer”

Did he just finish microwaving that plate of shrimp behind his head?

Serious DSL

A set up like this makes it really hard to lie about your size.

No, the mod doesn’t allow you extra endowments (as far as I know). In this pic, he’s practicing a modified form of “intercrural sex,” which is a non-penetrative sex when the man thrusts in between his partner’s thighs.

The mod should really let you use that diamond thing for sex, too.

Remember, this a fantasy CGI world where women let guys with man buns do this to them.

Lest you think this mod wasn’t inclusive.

The Sims 4-Way

It’s not usually the guards that get off with good behavior.

He’s actually just getting ready for the REALLY kinky stuff.

I can’t believe stuff like this wasn’t in the original game to begin with.

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