You Can Now Go As "Sexy Ken Bone" (Mustache Included) For Halloween, Ladies!

Halloween costume merchants, you never let us down. Earlier this week we reported that there would be a Halloween costume available for any crazy that would want to wear it depicting Kim Kardashian getting robbed. We really thought that might the goofiest topical Halloween costume we would see this season but has topped it. They are now offering a “Sexy Ken Bone Halloween costume” for any hot ladies who would love nothing more than to look like a mustached Peter Griffin with an interest in politics on Halloween night.

This is both hilarious and disturbing all at once.

Even the model doesn’t know what the hell is going on. And how do we know Kyle Bone wore tan heels that night?! So many questions!

Okay, wait–so who the hell is Ken Bone?? In the case you didn’t watch the second Presidential Debate, Ken Bone was an audience member that took the internet by storm after asking a question about each candidate’s energy policy. The internet immediately fell in love with him and began trending the name Ken Bone, creating memes and mashups because, well, the internet is a magical place sometimes. Ken Bone got so famous so quickly, he was actually offered $100,000 to do porn. And now here we are…a Ken Bone Halloween costume.

The best part however is Yandy can’t actually use Ken Bone’s name because he would rightfully sue the shit out of them so they’re calling this costume the Sexy Undecided Voter Costume. Sexy undecided voters can indeed be SUPER sexy but the price that they’ve put on this thing is completely insane.

Anyone wanna spend $99.95 in order to look like Geraldo going through a sex change? The costume comes with everything you see including the mustache and microphone so you can really live that Ken Bone experience for one night. Or if you just feel like weirding out your Olive Garden waitress in November.

The site says the costume is “coming soon” so keep in touch with in order to get your hands on one of these things!

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