You Will Never Dress As Fancy As This Horse In Your Life

A horse can symbolize loads of things, ranging from the elegance of Native American culture to the sophistication of English gallantry. Then again, it can also sometimes be used in an expression like “that’s a lot of horse sh*t,” plus lest we forget, sometimes dead horses are turned into glue. Bummer. But falling somewhere in the middle of sophistication and weirdness is a news story involving a horse named Morestead being dressed in a suit.

Horse racing bookmaker William Hill commissioned the outfit, and it was presented to a surprised public by Sir Anthony McCoy, who is considered a horse racing legend by some and a guy who likes horses waaaaay too much by others.

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Celebrity stylist Emma Sandham-King created the three-piece tweed outfit to help celebrate the yearly Cheltenham Festival in England. It took her a month to put together, and in proper English style, was worn with a shirt, tie and flat cap.

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Best Tinder profile pic ever?

According to Sandham-Kim: “Creating the world’s first tweed suit for a horse has been one of the biggest challenges that I have faced in my career as a designer. We have used 18 metres of genuine Harris Tweed to create the head turning fashion garment.”


Not quite as fancy as Morestead the horse.

Although Morestead himself was unavailable for an actual quote (perhaps due to press-aversion or perhaps due to the fact that horses can’t speak English), it may be safe to assume that if you had a penis as large as a race horse’s you could get away with wearing any kind of suit that you damn well want to.

While we are on the subject, we thought you’d appreciate other animals in suits.








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