You'll Wish You Had This Math Teacher After Reading These Extra Credit Questions

Math. No one likes it and it’s mainly because the teachers that teach it are about as boring as the subject. Which is why it’s extra amazing to find this math teacher who likes to make his quizzes as entertaining as possible (especially for those much needed Extra Credit questions)

We knew that one!

The teacher posing such a question to his young students isn’t limiting his extra credit points to only rap knowledge. In the past, he’s also asked how many times Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Oscar, describe the dumbest conversation you’ve ever heard recently and how many seasons did Full House air. Awesome.

The images from various quizzes was posted to Imgur by user SharkyTheSharkDog (clearly a college student, somewhere) but unfortunately hasn’t pointed out who the teacher was or at which college one could enroll in order to get such awesome extra credit points. Probably for the best, because I doubt some parents paying for these tuitions would be okay with a teacher that asks questions about Dr. Dre during the course of their kids’ learning. I myself on the other hand say cherish this man. More teachers should be like this guy because it makes learning everything else less painful.



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