Zendaya Coleman Feels 'Empowered' After Giuliana Rancic's Hair Insult


Zendaya Coleman feels empowered after the infamous comment E!’s Giuliana Rancic made about her hair during a Fashion Police episode following last year’s Oscars. The insult fired up critics so badly that Giuliana was let go from her position on the show. Prior to that, Kelly Osborne quit the show because she viewed her fellow cast member as a terrible person after the seemingly unforgivable mistake.

Rancic managed to appall viewers when Coleman wore her hair in locks. Rancic said that her hair looked as though it smelled of “oil” or “weed.”

“I feel like she smells like patchouli oil … or maybe weed,” Rancic said on “Fashion Police.”

It wasn’t the best choice of words for the former “Fashion Police” host to use and it cost her dearly. Immediately trailing the comment were fans up in arms over Giuliana Rancic’s critique of Zendaya Coleman’s hair. It led to Rancic’s departure from the show and she’s been stigmatized by the remark ever since.

Zendaya seems to be doing better than ever after the insult. As Page Six reports, the singer told them at a fan meet-and-greet at Black Tap to promote her new music, that the whole incident has actually “empowered” her. She’s determined to slice through barriers when it comes to broadening the idea of what is beautiful .. and what the definition means to people.

“It empowered me to continue to break down boundaries and to expand the mold of what beautiful is to people,” Zendaya said. “[The incident] kind of reassured the fact that what I’m doing, as far as fashion, is bigger than just pretty clothes and going to fashion shows and being cute and getting pictures taken,” she said.

What do you think of Zendaya Coleman’s platform to help others see what beauty is? It’s definitely in the eyes of the beholder.

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