Zombie Prank Fail: Russian Tourists Get Busted For Scaring Thai Restaurant

If one has to become a zombie, it’s not normally by choice. Such a statement assumes that there are real zombies (as in the acclaimed AMC documentary “The Walking Dead”) but also begs the question: why become a zombie? If your ideal answer is to scare a bunch of Thai people, then three Russian dudes are likely your new heroes.

It seems the three drunk guys (ok, we’re not sure they are drunk – but let’s remember they are Russian, in their 20’s and on vacation in Thailand – under what mathematical scheme are they not drunk?) sat at separate tables, paid their bills and then one of them started acting like a zombie.

He then proceeded to bite his other cohorts/co-conspirators/co-zombies, who of course then turned into zombies. Not surprisingly, the local Thai patrons of the joint were a bit surprised – ok, more than a bit – and they fled quicker than you can say “Pad Thai, Pad Shmai….I’m out of here.” They even left their possessions behind.


The cops were called and assumed it was a robbery scheme, but the three Russian ruffians/rogues/ridiculous zombies claimed it was all a prank and they didn’t intend to steal anything.


The cops weren’t able to charge them with anything as apparently that part of Thailand doesn’t have a no zombie impersonation law. This is of course in sharp contrast to the Republican party, as rumor has it that was the main reason Jeb Bush was forced to leave the Presidential race.


We’re not quite sure what to make of this news story, other than perhaps it was an interesting marketing campaign for the restaurant it happened in. The Surf Kitchen now has a reason for more tourists to visit, especially if they take our advice and use the slogan “Now 100% Zombie Free.”

no zombie


Source: Asian Correspondent 

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