5 Returning Actors To Watch In The 2016-2017 TV Season


Continuing our look forward at the upcoming TV season, there are a number of solid actors on returning shows that are poised to have their best seasons yet.

Maybe they’ve been getting better each year and this is the one that will push them over the top. Maybe things on their series just fell into place. Whatever the reason, here are five actors on returning shows that you should keep an eye on. (For our top five picks to watch from new series, click here.)

1. Jennifer Finnigan, Tyrant

Amongst all the scheming and shooting going on with the political machinations of Tyrant, Jennifer Finnigan has quietly been a rock for the show. Her performance as Molly, the wife of Barry (Adam Rayner) pulled into his past and his home country, is always solid even when she doesn’t have that much to do.

Season 3 would seem to offer another shift in Molly’s marriage now that her husband has ascended to power in Abuddin, which means Finnigan should have something to sink her teeth into. That would be a more than welcome development.

2. Tommy Dewey, Casual

When it comes to comedy the breakout star from this past season was Tommy Dewey, who made us fall in love with Casual‘s Alex despite the fact that he was self-obsessed to a fault. And he had pretty much no ambition. Or any filter. Dewey is charming even as he never pulls back on any of the qualities that make Alex a huge pain, and he knows how to deliver the show’s lines near-perfectly.

Season 2 has continued to allow him opportunities to score laughs, but as the second season is also when shows dig into characters more, we’re expecting to see more layers from Alex as well.

3. Patrick J. Adams, Suits

Adams has always been one of the more underrated actors on TV, but with the new season this July he’s positioned to grab for another awards nomination. Suits left his character Mike Ross in his most precarious position yet and it’s going to pick up with him still there.

Mike having to face his sins is something that Adams has been working toward for years, and he’ll find a way to make it as moving and scary and intense as it should be. Then once he gets past that anything is possible for the character. Watch this summer as he has another breakout year.

4. Benjamin Hollingsworth, Code Black

Code Black has changed some things in the offseason, leaving Benjamin Hollingsworth in prime position to emerge in Season 2. His character Mario Savetti was exactly what you’d expect in Season 1: the good-looking, slightly reckless but always tough doctor who you could always root for.

But the show is now on the hunt for a new male lead which leaves an opportunity for Hollingsworth to step in and dig far beyond that, especially as Savetti finished Season 1 having become a strong voice in the ER. Depending on how the material gets portioned out, Hollingsworth could become the next leading doc at Angels Memorial.

5. Chris Noth, Tyrant

The FX series added Noth to the cast between seasons and he’s a real wild card here. He’s spent his last two series playing foils to female characters (The Good Wife and Sex and the City), so Tyrant – driven by the relationship between brothers Barry and Jamal and their strong personalities – will be a new direction for him.

But Noth also sometimes gets handed these moments where his characters are insufferable (how many bad things did Peter Florrick do?), and there’s also room for that if the military leader he’s playing on Tyrant is written that way. Is he being brought in to be the heavy, or could he added a fresh voice to the show? We’ll have to wait until July to find out.

Which actors on a returning TV show are you most excited to see back this upcoming season? Let us know in the comments.

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