All Aboard for Obamas' Last Presidential-ish Flight (PHOTO)

1/20/2017 2:50 PM PST

0120-barack-michelle-obama-final-flight-palm-springs-INSTAGRAM-01Barack and Michelle Obama had good friends waiting to join them for their last ride in the lap of Air Force One-ish luxury.

Obama’s ambassador to Spain, James Costos, posted a pic from inside the jet, watching the now former Prez and First Lady walking the red carpet to climb aboard. Looks like they snacked on grapes.

Giving Costos a ride is the least they could do. As we first reported … the Obamas are heading to the Palm Springs home of Costos and his husband, Michael Smith, who’s been the White House decorator.

0120-obama-palm-springs-home-vacation-SPLASH-02FUN FACT: Obama’s ride is no longer designated  Air Force One — not since Trump took the oath, anyway. It’s official call letters are SAM (Special Air Mission) 28000.

Same perks, different name.

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