Apparently No One Can Tell The Mother Apart From The Daughters. Can You?

We once wrote about how a grandmother, a mom and her daughter claimed that people thought they were identical siblings, but we mainly covered the story as a joke because it was obvious that they weren’t identical at all. I mean…just take a look for yourself. However this is a mother and two-daughter trio that actually is a little difficult to tell apart.

Natalie, Jazmyne and Tamika Wardell like to post pictures onto social media showing their just super fabulous night life. Going to clubs, going out to dinner but not just to show off how much fun they’re having. It’s also to bewilder anyone willing to pay attention to the fact that ONE of them is actually the other two’s mother!

Can you tell which one?

Mrs. Wardell, the mother of the group, says that the three were mistaken as three sisters as recently as this week. “Just yesterday…somebody asked if we were sisters. I guess it’s a compliment to me, but people will say things like ‘You try to copy them’, but I mean I’ve had long blonde hair since I was 15. It’s just genetics.'”

Mrs. Wardell says that it can even be awkward in public when one of her daughters calls her mom, stating that “Everyone looks around as if to say ‘who on earth are you talking to?’ “.

But it’s not just their looks that is keeping this family of blonde women together. Unlike most mother/daughter relationships, these three actually do enjoy hanging out together, especially when it comes to attending car shows. Mrs. Wardell will be heading to Summernots for her 23rd year in a row, an annual car show held in the UK. And of course her daughters will be right there along with her. Not sure who will care to look at a car with these three walking around.

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