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In some parts of the world, belief in elves and fairies is pretty common. So it is no surprise that a photographer in South Whales claims that he has not only seen real life fairies but captured some photographic evidence. While taking a stroll with his dog and taking pictures of the sunny countryside, 39-year-old John Ruttledge was shocked to discover he may have gotten a glimpse of something paranormal in this photo:

Hopefully the dog didn’t eat them.

Instead of thinking they were just dragonflies or butterflies John zoomed in on what he is sure are fairies. Don’t laugh. Here in ‘Merica we see weird stuff in photographs too. It’s just that we try to be a little manlier about it. Just this past October in Pine Barrens, New Jersey a resident claimed to have captured a pic of the famed Jersey Devil:

Now this is a paranormal sighting! Jersey Devil!

The enhanced images John took of the alleged faries appear to show little winged people. Like Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, the image becomes clear after it has been outlined to help show the arms, legs and wings:

If ever you needed more proof to believe someone, please take a blurry photo. To be fair, John says he didn’t see the fairies until he got home and looked at the photo. He says the creatures were translucent and about 4cm tall.  

John is 100 percent confident that these images are proof of fairies, telling the Daily Mail; “’The last thing I expected was a winged entity in a wood in South Wales, but there it is, smack bang in your face – it’s solid evidence. There are some things in the universe that may well go without answers, but I think we’ve just put one of the world’s biggest mysteries to bed.’ There are definitely fairies at the bottom of the garden.”

Let’s be honest about one thing. Totally would.

Which brings us to our Break Poll!

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