Ariana Grande “Cried For Days” After The Manchester Bombing

Ariana Grande


Since they all kind of run together at this point, you might remember the time in 2017 when Islamic terrorists bombed an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester leaving 22 people dead, because Europe definitely has Islamic terrorism under control. They totally have the moral high ground when talking about America’s mass shootings. But as you can probably imagine, this would traumatize anyone who survived for life. Speaking with Big Questions with Cal Fussman podcast, Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun, explained (per Daily Mail):

 “When she found out that fans of hers had died she was so sad. “She cried for days, she felt everything – every face they announced, every name, she wore on her sleeve. Every bit of emotion because that’s who she is.”…He recalled:  “After the first family I had to help her, she was distraught and I was lost. It was beyond tough. But every single time we got down we reminded each other we get to go home. “Our loved ones are still going to be there. That mother is never coming home, that daughter is never coming home, that son is never coming home, that dad is never coming home.”

Ariana Grande is adorable and you really hate to see this happen to her, but at least she’s alive. I really don’t have a joke here unless you want me to talk about the government shutdown. I’m not even sure what that means anymore. Lol what is “government.”


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