Ayesha Curry Led The Charge As NBA Twitter Absolutely Lost Its Mind Following Game Six Of The Finals On Thursday Night

Ayesha Curry

Let’s be honest, the NBA does not have the best track record when it comes to running a clean league a la “tanking” and the Tim Donaghy mess. After Thursday night’s 115-101 victory by the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Golden State Warriors in game six of the NBA Finals, Twitter absolutely lost its mind, with the charge being led by Ayesha Curry, the wife of two-time defending NBA MVP, Steph Curry. Immediately following the game, Ayesha tweeted this out to her 457,000 followers.

The tweet from Curry, which received more than 80,000 retweets and 75,000 favorites, was deleted less than 10 minutes after being posted. Curry’s claim that the NBA is “rigged” was in reference to her husband fouling out of the game with 4:22 remaining after a questionable foul call on LeBron James where Curry appeared to get all ball.

Curry showed extreme displeasure in the call by the official by throwing his mouth guard into the stands and striking a fan. Curry was assessed a technical foul and an automatic ejection for throwing an object into the stands and may face possible discipline by from the league. Before leaving the court, Curry apologized to the fan whom he struck with the mouth guard and shared some words with Cavs coach Tyronn Lue who was laughing and looking in Curry’s direction. 

Following Ayesha Curry’s tweet getting deleted, the rest of Twitter shared their opinions on Steph’s ejection and Ayesha’s theory that the NBA is rigged.

Maybe the NBA is rigged, maybe it is not. Either way, a player’s wife going on Twitter and saying that the league in which her husband is the two-time MVP of is in fact rigged just isn’t a good look for anybody. Hope you all enjoy this little deleted opinion by Ayesha Curry being the only topic of conversation for the next few days on ESPN and sports talk radio until game seven tips off at Oracle Arena on Sunday evening.


There aren’t many weeks that you can consider “rough” for Steph Curry, as his life has been absolutely incredible the last two years. But, losing two straight games and being on the verge of an epic collapse, getting ejected for throwing a mouth guard at a fan, Twitter crucifying the looks of his new Under Armour sneaker line, and having his wife call out his employer on Twitter definitely makes for a tough week for the MVP. Hopefully, for Steph’s sake, the Warriors can find a way to win game seven and make this week a little bit better. #PrayForSteph

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