Badass Soldier Has A Live Grenade Pulled Out Of His Head & Lives!

A soldier in Bogota, Columbia is lucky to be alive today after surgeons removed a LIVE grenade lodged deep in the man’s head. Luis Eduardo Perez Arango is expected to make a full recovery and have the most hardcore “scar story” of all time.

Work can be a real headache.

It was unclear exactly how the explosive became wedged in the soldier’s cheek, yet early reports indicate it was accidently fired in his direction during a “misuse of a heavy weapon equipped with a grenade launcher.” Misuse of a grenade launcher is never something you want to see printed next to your name.

Dr. Pimple Popper has nothing on these doctors. Blackheads? Watch them take out a warhead!

Doctors, who I assume must have giant steel balls inserted in their scrotums, performed the delicate operation outside in the military hospital’s parking lot to minimize casualties if the grenade went off. That report your boss needs on his desk by noon doesn’t seem so stressful now does it?

I mean these sounds like the plot of the next Jason Statham movie. “He’s got a grenade in his face and he has no time for bullshit!”  

Surgeon William Sanchez, told reporters, “It was a decisive moment, logically one of stress and uncertainty, but there was no other option than to push on to save the life of the patient, even praying and asking God not to let a bigger tragedy happen.”

Arango is now resting comfortably and trying to decide on what sort of body modification jewelry he wants to decorate that sweet hole in his cheek with.

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