Bella Thorne Really Wants To Bang A Girl, Specifically Kristen Stewart

Bella Thorne


I really don’t understand the appeal of Kristen Stewart. She’s like a lesbian jar of mayonnaise. And not even chipotle mayonnaise. But she’s currently banging this right now, and apparently Bella Thorne is waiting for her turn.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, the actress, who announced she was bisexual in 2016, revealed that she’d love to date Stewart if she had the chance. “She’s so hot. She seems like the raddest chick, I’d be so down,” Thorne gushed.

Also, Bella Thorne has never sounded more like a confused dude.

“I’ve done other stuff with girls, but I really want to actually date a girl,” Thorne shared. “Maybe girls just don’t like me… I can’t tell if a girl is hitting on me or she just wants to be friends. And I don’t want to flirt with a girl if she thinks I’m just being her friend. What if I kiss a girl and she’s like ‘Oh, I’m just your friend dude, I can’t believe you just crossed that boundary.’ I’m confused on what they want from me!”

I feel you, Bella. I feel you. Bella Thorne, who may or may not be a low key crackhead, is still kinda hot, so Kristen should hit that up at some point. Then record it on her phone. Then upload to the iCloud by mistake. Then I can go to another site and watch it, because I’m not really above doing that.



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