Ben Affleck Reportedly Not Ready to Commit to Batman Franchise

There have been no shortage of rumors swirling around Ben Affleck and his upcoming movie The Batman, with some reports claiming he’s bailing on the franchise and others claiming he’s staying put. Today a new report has surfaced which indicated both stances, claiming that, for now, Ben Affleck is starring in The Batman but he is currently unsure if he wants to commit to the franchise or not. Here’s what an unidentified source had to say about the situation.

“The present Batman is still Affleck. A change in cowl will not happen publicly until Ben is officially gone, and he is currently The Batman. But like we have said, it’s a negotiation thing right now. Not money, but appearances and creative. Ben isn’t wanting to vacate, but not wanting to commit fully.”

While this report has yet to be confirmed by the studio, it’s not surprising, considering all of the back and forth we’ve heard about Ben Affleck potentially leaving the franchise. Ben Affleck was originally slated to direct The Batman from a script he co-wrote with Geoff Johns, but he ultimately stepped down as director with Matt Reeves coming aboard. The filmmaker confirmed that he has scrapped the script written by Affleck and Johns and is starting from scratch, but no story details are confirmed.

There have been rumors that the new Batman actor may in fact be Jake Gyllenhaal, who is rumored to be a “lock” for the role should Ben Affleck officially part ways with the franchise, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Other rumored contenders include Jon Hamm, with some even wanting the original Batman, Michael Keaton, to return to don the cape and cowl. Still, nothing has been confirmed yet, but with production beginning in the summer of 2018, hopefully we’ll get some official details on the project sooner rather than later.

Warner Bros. still hasn’t set a release date for The Batman quite yet, but those details could be unveiled sooner rather than later. It is also believed that Joe Manganiello is still attached to play Deathstroke, but that isn’t confirmed either. You can head on over to Revenge of the Fans for their full report.

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