Bill O'Reilly's Pope Meeting Couldn't Save Job at FOX News (PHOTO)

Bill O’Reilly

Pope Meeting Not Enough to Save Job

4/19/2017 3:13 PM PDT

Bill O’Reilly had what turned out to be an 11th hour meeting with Pope Francis — but even shaking hands with His Holiness wasn’t enough to spare his gig at FOX News. 

Bill was in St. Peter’s Square Wednesday morning — he’d been on vacation — when he got an audience with the Pontiff. Just a quick meet and greet really … handshake, exchange of salutations.

But put yourself in Bill’s shoes at the time — wouldn’t ya have to ask for a prayer or two?

As we reported … FOX News announced O’Reilly would not return to the network after about 70 advertisers pulled out amid allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Only so much a Pope can do.

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