Black Panther Opening Day Box Office Beats Civil War

Black Panther continues to blow expectations out of the water, beating Civil War and landing the number 8 spot on the highest Friday openings at the box office in history. The movie brought in $75.8 million on Friday combined with the early Thursday night previews and is well on its way to earning over $200 million for the holiday weekend. It’s a good time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as director Ryan Coogler and the cast and crew of Black Panther.

Black Panther is now in the top ten of biggest opening Fridays in the history of the box office, earning $75.8 million, knocking Civil War out of the top ten. Additionally, the movie is the highest rated Marvel movie released thus far over at Rotten Tomatoes. Beyond that, the movie broke Fandango’s presale records for the first quarter of the year and it shows no signs of slowing down. Number one at the box office paired with the number one soundtrack, which was curated by Kendrick Lamar, on the Billboard top 200 album chart.

If that wasn’t enough, Black Panther has the rare distinction of earning an A+ rating through CinemaScore, who polls moviegoers from different theaters while they’re walking out from the movie. The CinemaScore falls right in line with the critical scores and most of the reviews from fans, who are hailing it to be the best Marvel movie released so far. Money has been raised to show Black Panther in underserved areas and Kendrick Lamar rented out a theater in Los Angeles today for young people to see the movie for free. However, there is still controversy surrounding the movie, which stars a predominantly black cast.

Breitbart news ran a review of the movie comparing Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa to President Donald Trump, which angered more than a few fans of Black Panther. The review claimed that T’Challa doesn’t see race, much like Trump, which seems like the reviewer was trolling everybody. But nonetheless, the review sparked outrage. Then there’s the fake reports on social media of racial attacks at the movie theaters where people have been posting fake pictures of white people that have been “beaten up” by Black Panther fans. The reports have been debunked, but the troll accounts keep posting the fake pictures anyway.

Despite the trolls, Black Panther continues to blow up at the box office and gain critical praise. Ryan Coogler recently said that he wants people from all cultures to enjoy the movie and for the most part, that’s what’s happening at the screenings. It’s just a small number of trolls online who are trying to sabotage the movie for its Disney ties and other ulterior motives that don’t need to be discussed here. As for the $75.8 million Friday opening for Black Panther, you can read more about the record breaker over at Box Office Mojo.

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