Break Poll: Real Or Fake? Weightlifter SNAPPED His Spine?

A hot, new debate is raging on the Internet today. This is a big topic that has split conspiracy buffs right down the middle. The horrifying moment a weightlifter in China went limp while dead lifting a heartily stacked barbell was captured on security cameras. The video quickly went viral. This is why we stay put on the couch:

Owie! OK, we have seen these types of videos before. Just this summer at the Rio Olympics Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan’s dreams of bringing home the gold were dashed when his arm took a nasty SNAP during a 430 pound lift.

However this unidentified lifter takes things to the next level by passing out while getting pumped up. Some think that when he hit the barbell on the way down it severed his SPINE.


They point to evidence of colossal spinal damage of a X-Ray uploaded to Imgur claiming to be that of the weightlifter. Just looking at this makes me want to get a back massage.


However some Internet detectives were quick to snap back at the story saying there is no way he would even be alive if he broke his spine like that. One said;

“Seriously if he sheared his spine like that he would die right there…he passed out.”

Others commended him for completely the lift even though he snapped his spine. Always look at the bright side! So what do you think?

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