BREAK POLL: Would You Eat Japan's New Marshmallow Ghostbusters Burger?

Japan sure does love creating some weird foods. And with the new Ghostbusters movie coming out, they decided to create something to go along with everyone’s similar reaction to the reboot; a burger that looks like it came from a demon’s asshole. Of course, that doesn’t mean we would never try it. But we do admit marshmallow on a couple of burger patties doesn’t sound TOO appetizing.

As Grubstreet explains it to us, since we can’t speak Japanese ‘n everything, the burger comes with two black buns, fried burger patties, tomato and cabbage. That’s right. Cabbage. Oh yeah, and there’s two helpings of marshmallow just to really quench your hunger. It also comes with “black-olive-and-anchovy-paste”, probably to mimic the dump you’re going to have two hours after you finish eating this thing.

You can thank the Japanese franchise J.S. Burgers Cafe for this creation, as well as the OTHER Ghostbusters inspired food options on their menu, including the Slimer Smoothie and the dessert Marshmallow Mad Burger.

Screw living, eat this!

Dammit, now that we’ve been staring at these things for a few minutes they’re starting to look kind of decent. But then again it’s really making us want to drink a mug full of Pepto Bismol just to be safe.

What do YOU think of Japan’s new Ghostbusters menu?

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