Brock Lesnar — I'm Making 'Boatload of Money' … For UFC Comeback

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0606-brock-lesnar-GETTY-01Brock Lesnar just announced his opponent for UFC 200 — and also just bragged that he’s making a “BOATLOAD OF MONEY.” 

Lesnar just appeared on ESPN and said he came up with the idea to return to the octagon on his own — he wasn’t courted back to the UFC — claiming he felt he had unfinished business. He’ll be facing 42-year-old Mark Hunt. 

0606-mark-hunt-gettyLesnar had stopped fighting years ago after suffering 2 debilitating bouts of diverticulitis … but says he still feels the burning desire to fight. So, he called up Dana White 3 months ago and asked to be on the UFC 200 card. 

Lesnar said his comeback isn’t about money … but couldn’t stop talking about how much money he’s going to make — saying his check will have a WHOLE BUNCH of zeroes. He didn’t specify an exact amount. 

He also called himself the “modern day Bo Jackson” — because he competes in the UFC and WWE. 

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