Captain America's New Shield Revealed in Infinity War

A Captain America action figure from Infinity War shows off the new shield that will be used in the highly anticipated movie. Steve Rogers’ shield has been the topic of debate ever since he placed his iconic round shield down in a moment of disillusionment during Civil War. It was only a matter of time before the new design hit the web and now it’s here and it’s pretty awesome, with a look that’s reminiscent of the Captain America shield from the first movie with a new Wakandan twist.

The new shield is definitely from Wakanda, but it’s unclear if it’s made from the incredibly valuable vibranium. It’s probably a safe bet that some vibranium was used in the creation of the new shield, especially since it looks like some of the valuable Wakanda commodity made it into the final design. The new shield also looks like a throwback to the Golden Age-era shield that first showed up as a prop in the first Captain America movie. It will more than likely have some secret weapons tucked away as well, but it’s too soon to speculate at this time.

The new Hasbro toy also comes with a set of new fists without gloves and even Thanos’ purple head, which is probably not a spoiler for a movie and instead a clever marketing ploy. In addition to the Captain America action figure, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Proxima Midnight are also shown in the newly leaked images. It looks like a few of the figures contain Thanos body parts, making sure that everybody has to buy almost all of the characters in an attempt to put Thanos together, which is actually a pretty clever idea. Though it looks pretty weird to see the Mad Titan’s head placed in the packaging of Captain America‘s action figure, it’s definitely not as awkward as seeing a Thanos leg packaged with Spider-Man.

The new Infinity War action figures also give us a sneak peek at Spider-Man‘s epic Iron Spider costume as well as Iron Man‘s brand new Prime Armor. Fans have been quick to notice that it does not look like the Iron Spider costumed figure comes with additional appendages, which is strange since it’s one of the suit’s main features. Who knows, maybe it’s packaged in another figure along with Thanos’ spread out body parts.

The new action figures are just the next step in the promotional rampage that Infinity War is about to embark on. Plenty more minor spoilers that fans have been asking about for months will slowly be leaked in the coming months until the movie finally hits theaters on May 4th. It will be interesting to see what kind of power that Captain America‘s new shield possesses in Infinity War, especially since it doesn’t really look like he can throw this shield around very easily. You can check out Captain America‘s new shield along with the rest of the new Infinity War action figures through the The Marvelous Realm Twitter account.

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