Captain Marvel Trailer Release Date Hinted at by Kevin Feige

Captain Marvel started production in late March and still has a few weeks to go before everything is wrapped up. That being said, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige says that it will be a while before we see the first footage of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. We’ve seen a wealth of behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from the set of Captain Marvel, but we have yet to see any officially sanctioned promotional material from Marvel over the last several months.

According to Kevin Feige, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans already have enough information about Captain Marvel to go off of, which is probably right. Ant-Man 2 hits theaters in a few weeks, which will shed light on the upcoming Avengers 4 along with the Carol Danvers story, which will hit theaters in March of next year. Feige believes that fans have plenty of information before we see the first trailer for Captain Marvel. He had this to say.

“You already know as much as you need to. We’ve got Skrulls, we’ve got the Kree, it takes place in the 90s, you have Sam Jackson with two eyes and Carol Danvers, a unique telling of Carol Danvers origin story. We are about two weeks out from completion of principal photography.”

It looks like we’re still a few months from seeing the Captain Marvel trailer, which makes sense. Trailers for films that are coming out in November and December are just now starting to drop online now. Captain Marvel doesn’t come out until March, which means that we could be a few months away from seeing the first footage of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. Footage from Captain Marvel was rumored to be shown at CineEurope, but it was just a behind-the-scenes reel, which is still more than anyone else has seen at this point in time.

It seems that Kevin Feige is perhaps sick of talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future. However, just a few weeks ago, he called Captain Marvel the face of Phase 4 of the MCU as well as the leader, which means that Brie Larson will be seen quite a bit in the next handful of years as Carl Danvers, taking over the Tony Stark role. While we still haven’t seen any footage from the film, Feige is a voice that MCU fans can believe in.

Ant-Man 2 opens in theaters on July 6th and we’ll get a better look at the Quantum Realm, which is heavily rumored to have a big role in the upcoming Avengers 4. Additionally, Captain Marvel is also expected to have a significant role in the last MCU movie of Phase 3, but specific details have yet to be revealed. MCU fans are waiting to see how Ant-Man 2‘s post-credit scene lines up with the rest of the franchise, before thinking about how Carol Danvers will fit into everything. Head over to Comic Book to read more about when we can expect to see the Captain Marvel trailer.

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