Carrie Fisher's Last Laugh: Her Urn Is A Gigantic Prozac Pill

Carrie Fisher was a space princess, a screenwriter, a script doctor and daughter to an extremely famous family but she was also someone with one hell of a sense of humor. Many people don’t realize how hysterically funny Carrie Fisher was, mainly because the roles given to her asked her to be someone with a short temper who was quick to the point. But even weeks after her untimely death, Carrie Fisher had one last laugh for her friends and family.

A private memorial was held for Carrie Fisher with only close friends and family members in attendance but that didn’t stop Carrie from letting her fans know that her sense of humor will live on long after the service. Fisher decided to be cremated and paparazzi spotted brother Todd Fisher carrying Carrie’s urn but to the surprise of everyone, it’s not your conventional looking device. In fact, it’s an urn made to look like a gigantic Prozac pill.

Fisher who had been speaking out about mental illness awareness for decades, especially in particular to her own battles with addiction, depression and bipolar disorder, had one last nod to the thing that she never let get the best of her.

Fisher’s legacy will obviously live in on many forms, as a writer and actress, but her true identity will be that she was just someone who did not give two shits what you thought of her making her one badass woman. Carrie Fisher died at 60-years-old.


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