Charles Manson Is Probably Dead

Charles Manson


Unlike last year, 2017 appears to be coming out of the gate by killing people we don’t mind dying. Like Charles Manson. Apparently serving 9 consecutive life sentences is bad on the stomach. Poor guy.

Charles Manson has been taken out of the prison where he will spend the rest of his life … into a hospital … TMZ has learned. Manson left California’s Corcoran State Prison on Tuesday to get treatment for an undisclosed ailment. We’re told he’s at a Bakersfield hospital — about an hour away from the penitentiary….One of our sources who initially told us Manson was taken from Corcoran State Prison to a Bakersfield hospital tells us the convicted murderer was rushed to the ER for gastrointestinal issues.

I know people like to say, “but Charles Manson never actually killed anybody!” Those people are probably white. But if you can read this and not understand that Charles Manson should spend the rest of his life exactly where he is spending it, then you should probably get that checked out. Because you’re fucked up. Anyway, dude is 82 and hospitalized, so it should be any time now. Peace.


Also, you know that dude you’re texting back and forth? The one who plays guitar and sings and seems super deep and has a lot of thoughts about love and the government? Delete his number.


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