Charleston Preacher's Son Vows to Attend Dylann Roof's Execution (VIDEO)

1/12/2017 12:10 AM PST


When Dylann Roof is executed, the son of slain Rev. Daniel Simmons wants to bear witness — but not out of vengeance.

Daniel Simmons Jr. tells TMZ he and other members of the Charleston church were relieved by the jury’s guilty verdict and decision to give Roof the death penalty — but he’s still waiting to see an ounce of remorse.

Simmons says he will absolutely attend Roof’s execution by lethal injection … in hopes the killer experiences God’s forgiveness in the moments before he dies.

Simmons’ father was one of the 9 victims Roof shot in cold blood inside Emanuel AME Church — so, the amount of restraint and grace he shows here is extraordinary.


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