Charlotte McKinney Wants A Breast Reduction. Thanks, Trump

Charlotte McKinney


So, ET  led me to believe that Charlotte McKinney wanted to get a breast reduction because she was bullied, but they just cut and pasted quotes from her Ocean Drive interview to come up with a headline that they’d know dudes and chicks would both click on. I guess it worked because I clicked on it. Damn you, fake news! She wants to get a reduction because they’re gigantic. Let me know when the protest is and I’ll be there.


Was being dyslexic and wanting to model and struggling in school hard as a teenager?
Obviously, I got more attention from the male side than from the female side. I didn’t have any girlfriends. A lot of my friends were guys, and I was called a slut by a lot of people. I was just growing these large breasts at such a young age, not really knowing what to do with them or how to wear them. So it was definitely awkward.


Were the girls calling you a slut?
Definitely. I also left school because of all of the bullying. Girls would yell at me and call me a slut. I would go to parties and get beer thrown on my head—there was so much bullying. It was just so awful, and that’s why now I kind of use my platform to promote anti-bullying. I try to use what I went through to be a voice for it, because it’s still happening and getting even worse now with social media.


Would you get a reduction at some point when you’re older?

I’ve been thinking about it. They’ve definitely gotten smaller from my diet and over time. So I can see myself getting a reduction or a lift in the future.

Man, it seems like Charlotte McKinney learned about girl power and female empowerment at an early age. Lol jk bitches can be horrible. But if we have to go through the next four years, we shouldn’t have to go through them with Charlotte McKinney having smaller tits. Hopefully Trump will sign an executive order.




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