Child's Play Creator Wants a Chucky Movie Set in WWII

Could we be seeing Chucky up to his murderous ways during WWII? If Don Mancini, the man who created the Child’s Play franchise, gets his way, it may very well happen. Cult of Chucky was released last year as the seventh movie in the long-running horror franchise and, even though it didn’t get a theatrical release, the movie was rather successful. That in mind, we’re likely getting more Chucky movies and one of those movies could take place during WWII.

During a recent interview, Don Mancini was talking about some ideas he has for future movies in the franchise. Surprisingly, Mancini revealed that he would love to do a World War II-ear entry in the Child’s Play franchise. He even has an idea of how this could make sense, relatively speaking. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“I would love to do a World War II-era Chucky movie; I think would be awesome. You know how in Raiders of the Lost Ark they say, ‘Hitler’s obsessed with the occult’? That’s the window in. It would be legitimately interesting to see Chucky in that milieu with the iconography and the archetypes of the World War II movie; he could be great.”

That’s certainly a crazy idea, but then again, is it really? Many horror icons such as Jason and Leprechaun have gone to space, which isn’t off the table for Chucky either. Is doing a World War II movie any crazier? For Chucky to remain interesting, the franchise needs to evolve. This is something that Don Mancini is aware of and, even though he’s been doing these movies for thirty years, he’s very dedicated and wants to try new things moving forward.

“I’ve been doing it for 30 years now, so I have files of different ideas and notions, and scenes, and set pieces, and characters, and situations. It’s a constantly evolving thing. I want to be ready. Cult isn’t, I don’t think, the last we’ll see of Chucky. But again, it’s always important to me and David [Kirschner] to find a way to reinvent it and keep it fresh. Obviously, I can’t say too much, but we’re already thinking ahead, definitely. I do spend my nights thinking about, ‘Gosh, what would happen if Tiffany met Andy Barclay?’ The two disparate characters from different, far-flung parts of the franchise, what if they collide? I think about these things. I’m a fan as well. I guess it sounds silly or self-serving to say, ‘I’m a fan of my own franchise,’ but I am. I love it. I’m a fan of other franchises, too, and I think when you’re a fan that’s one of the things you do is you just muse on the characters and ‘what if in this situation…?,’ and ‘what if they met this character?’ One of the reasons we’ve been able to go for this long is because we legitimately care about it. It’s not just a paycheck gig for us. This is our baby.”

Far too many horror franchises get stuck doing the same thing over and over again and, say what you will about some of the Child’s Play movies, but they have certainly tried to be different and set themselves apart from one another. A WWII Child’s Play movie would be yet another way to do that. So maybe that will happen for Child’s Play 8, but Cult of Chucky set up some other threads that need to be pulled. You can check out the full interview with Don Mancini over at Portal 13.

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