Chilean Military Declassifies UFO Report & Video After Two Year Investigation!

Back in November of 2014 a Chilean Navy helicopter was doing a routine daytime patrol along the coast when the cameraman on board was shocked to discover a strange object flying horizontally, keeping speed with the aircraft.

While you or I might see something strange like this and scream ALIENS, the professional military types were not so quick to believe that the unidentified flying object they were witnessing outside their aircraft was of extraterrestrial origin.

So the crew radioed to local airports and military bases to see if there were supposed to be any other aircraft in the area. When they found that there were not they asked if these locations were picking up the craft on their radar screens. No one else could detect the UFO on radar.

Next the inquisitive crewmen attempted to contact the UFO using different radio frequencies, but got no response. While the lack of radar detection and radio response was strange, what really got their attention was that during the course of the event the object can be seen ejecting unknown material into the air which goes directly into the clouds. Alien CHEM TRAILS?

The Chilean helicopter crew was able to detect the material being ejected from the UFO by using a special, advanced infrared camera, the Surveillance & Reconnaissance (SAR) camera. While the material was only visible on the infrared spectrum, the object itself was faint to the naked eye. They watched, fascinated as the strange craft disappeared into the clouds before them.

Thus was launched a two year investigation to see what could possibly be the explanation for what they saw. Many agencies were contacted to see if any human made objects such as a satellite or space junk had fallen from orbit. While it was concluded that no earth originating objects had, other explanations eluded the team. Experts including astrophysicists, video and image analysts, and aeronautic engineers could also offer no conclusive results as to what the helicopter crew encountered that day. Perhaps it was finally proof of a close encounter of the alien kind?

What do you think the strange object is in the footage?

Folow Phil Haney @PhilHaney

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