China Introduces Wider “Female Only” Parking Spots To Help Bad Women Drivers

A man in China got sick of seeing female drivers “parking carelessly” and decided to do something about it. Pan Zhuren, is director of the rest areas along a highway connecting the province of Zhejiang province to Jiangxi. In order to address this gender based parking problem, he created pink outlined spots with a female symbol and made them wider than normal spots.  We have special spots for handicapped drivers, so why not for women?

Female drivers in China took notice and began complaining on social media. One outraged lady said:

“True respect for women entails letting women enjoy the same rights as men.”

Well, the ladies are still allowed to park, they are just getting a little help fitting in between the lines. Director Zhuren is a godman hero. He says the pink parking spots are designed to “better serve female drivers and protect their safety.” So think of it just like holding the door open for a lady!

These double wide spots will be sure to save countless amounts of money on insurance claims and may even save some lives. That’s because in China they have what are known as “double-hit cases.” This is when the driver accidently hits someone, but then purposely runs them over again and again until they are DEAD. Why the hell would anyone do that? Well in China drivers who hit a person and merely cripple them are responsible for that person’s healthcare for the rest of their lives. This can end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  However if you kill that person, you only have to spring for the funeral cost. From an economic standpoint it is really a no brainer!  Bump, bump, thud. Here is a double hit case in action:

Now those extra wide parking spots don’t seem so sexist, huh? There are currently no plans to remove or change the female only parking spots and let’s hope it stays that way. We would try to have something sensible like this here in ‘Merica, but you know everyone would get their panties in a bunch and complain  until they parking paint was scrubbed clean and we were forced to put on a performance of The Vagina Monologues.

While it is up for debate if female drivers in China may need wider spots, we can all agree that this guy dubbed “The Worst Scooter Driver In China” definitely needs all the help he can get:

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