Colin 'Krapperdick' Costume Wins Louisiana Casino Halloween Contest

Colin ‘Krapperdick’ Costume

Wins Louisiana Casino Halloween Contest

10/30/2017 4:11 PM PDT

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It pays to mock Colin Kaepernick … just ask the guy who walked away with a cash prize at a major Louisiana casino for being “Colin Krapperdick.” 

It all went down at the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City — a hotel owned by Caesars Entertainment — where 53-year-old James Pendarvis mocked the QB in an effort to win a share of a $1,500 prize. 

Pendarvis sported a jersey that read, “Krapperdick” across the front — with accessories that included an adult diaper, a pacifier and an afro. 

Also, he had a fake body dressed as a soldier grabbing his waist — strategically positioned to remain standing when “Krapperdick” took a knee. 

The casino says the contest winners were voted on by casino guests — NOT STAFF — and has already apologized saying, “As a company that embraces inclusion, we apologize to all those who are offended.”

As for Pendarvis, he issued a statement to the Shreveport Times saying, “As a society we have freedom of speech. But yet, I get hammered for a costume.”

“Yes, distasteful to some, funny to others. Our country should be worried about ways to peaceful protests and ways to better our nation.”

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