Conor McGregor — Bought Entire Family BMWs … Dad Says

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0620-conor-tony-mcgregor-tmz-instagram-02Conor McGregor is all about spreading the wealth — buying his entire family brand new BMW 5 Series whips after he got rich in the UFC … this according to Conor’s dad. 

Tony McGregor spoke with The Independent in Ireland … and explained how the UFC surprised his family with a gaggle of Beamers back in 2015. 

“He came home from an American trip last year, and I saw this fleet of cars coming around the corner with him in the lead car, a black BMW 5 Series,” Tony said.

“I presumed it was an entourage chauffeuring him home, but he told me to hop in and asked if I liked the car? I said it was lovely and he handed me the keys and said, ‘Good, because it’s yours.’ He bought one for everyone in the family, which was really nice.”

Besides his parents, Conor has 2 sisters — so, maybe he got a 4 car deal? 

Of course, Conor LOVES cars — and has bought himself a bunch of expensive rides … including a couple of Rolls-Royces

Tony dropped a whole bunch of Conor gems … including: 

— He didn’t approve of Conor’s career at first. “He was able to prove me wrong, which has made me so proud.”

— Conor started boxing at age 12 after playing soccer as a kid. 

And the most shocking part … Tony says Conor was a really quiet kid who stayed out of trouble.

“We didn’t see much of the personality he has now when he was growing up. That developed with age.”

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