Dad's Ex-Girlfriend Sent His 17-Year-Old Son Nudes For Break Up Revenge

In a perfect case of “Boy, did YOU make the right decision to break up with that crazy chick”, a father’s ex-girlfriend decided to get a little salty post-break up revenge by sending his 17-year-old son nudes through Facebook. Yeah, probably best you broke up with this one.

Police are calling this a “domestic situation” which started as an argument between the real estate agent (could probably say ex-real estate agent now as well) and the father when he allegedly threatened to send a “sexual home video” to her friends and family. For whatever reason, Charlotte Klisares thought she’d beat him to the punch by sending nudes to his 17-year-old son…because that’s how you win a fight? We put a question mark here because it’s apparently better to out crazy a crazy person rather than just let a crazy person prove their crazy.

We’re not sure why she thought this would be a good idea or what point it would prove, because regardless of what she claims the father threatened, she landed a stay in jail with a $1,000 bond.

The really gross part is she sent personal images of not only herself, but naked images depicting her and the kid’s dad, which…Jesus, lady! Klisares is being charged with dissemination and exhibition of obscene material to minors. Her lawyer released a statement that read just about as confusing as her actions, but hey, I guess that’s just how she feels;

“Ms. Klisares has been the recent victim of domestic abuse and this is just another attempt by the abuser to intimidate, harass and bully her because she stood up for herself. We will address these allegations through the criminal justice system and we are confident that the truth of these allegations will become apparent once both sides of the story come to light.”

This whole thing reminds us of one of those really bad Shannon Tweed movies that would air on HBO at 2AM in the late 90’s. Only, y’know, super gross.

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