David Ayers Says The Joker Should Have Been The Main Villain In ‘Suicide Squad’

David Ayer


In a response to a tweet from a dude who called Suicide Squad his masterpiece (LOL), David Ayer had lots of thoughts. Specifically, something that would have made Suicide Squad worse: make the Joker the main villain. No, dude.



Not to tale anything away from this pretty heartfelt and thoughtful response, but this is why DC shouldn’t be making movies. David Ayer’s other movies were pretty good, so when I saw Suicide Squad, I assumed DC and Warner Bros. basically just made him make the movie they wanted (which was shit) instead of the movie he wanted to make. Which we now learn would also be shit. If The Joker was the main villain, then Harley Quinn wouldn’t be in the squad correct? Here’s an idea: take out The Joker completely and let the Suicide Squad take on an extremist group or Mission Impossible some shit. Because if there’s a powerful, ancient witch making some hole in the sky to blow up the world, you’d think Batman and everybody else would’ve shown up at some point to, you know, help out. Meanwhile, Batman v Superman has been nominated for 8 Razzies. The only movie that was nominated for more was Zoolander No. 2. If I was DC, I’d ask Russia to hack Marvel.


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