David Beckham — So Damn Hot, He Got Me Trampled … Security Guard Sues H&M


0531-david-beckham-getty-02David Beckham‘s perfect face stirred up a New York City crowd so much, a security guard working the event got crushed by his adoring fans … according to a lawsuit.

The security guard filed the suit, saying she got crushed while working the Beckham appearance at the Times Square H&M store in February 2014. Beckham — an H&M spokesperson — was signing autographs for throngs of fans.

She says she was outside the store awaiting the soccer superstar’s arrival, and when he got there … all hell broke loose. In the suit, she says the barricades set up to control the crowd “suddenly malfunctioned.” She says she was thrown to the ground, crushed by the barricade and trampled by the crowd rushing to get a piece of Becks.

She doesn’t specify her injuries, but says they were severe.

The security guard is suing H&M and The Durst Organization — as in Robert Durst … the alleged murderer from ‘The Jinx’ on HBO.

She is NOT suing Beckham.

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