Deadpool 2 Starts Reshoots as Josh Brolin Trolls Ryan Reynolds

Actor Josh Brolin took to social media over the weekend to reveal that Deadpool 2 is going into reshoots while also taking the time to talk some trash on co-star Ryan Reynolds’ abs. Reshoots are a common practice for movies and it was always thought that Deadpool 2 would have a few weeks of reshoots scheduled before the movie comes out in May. Production wrapped for the movie in October of last year after starting in June. Most of the movie was filmed on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, but it isn’t clear if the production will head back to Canada for the reshoots or if they will be done in a studio lot.

Josh Brolin posted a picture of a man doing an intense workout and claimed that’s what he’s doing to get back into Cable shape for the reshoots. The workout is beyond intense and almost looks like some kind of brutal dance with ropes and tires. While the actor is clearly being facetious about the workout routine, he certainly did bulk up in a big way for the Cable role in Deadpool 2, which he posted about on social media leading up to production.

In addition to posting the crazy workout video, Josh Brolin took time to troll Deadpool 2 co-star Ryan Reynolds by implying that the actor has some movie magic help with his physique. At the bottom of the workout video, Brolin uses a series of hashtags, one of which boasts that Ryan Reynolds uses CGI for his abs. The two actors teased each other over social media throughout preproduction and production of the movie and it appears that their online personas are about to get fired up at each other again.

Loads of updates coming out of the Deadpool 2 cast today with the confirmation of the comic book character Shatterstar, and now this news from Josh Brolin heading into reshoots. Brolin is about to have quite the summer with the release of Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Both movies are two of the most anticipated of 2018 and Brolin is featured prominently in both as the villainous Thanos and Cable in Infinity War and Deadpool 2, respectively. What’s even more crazy is that the two movies come out within weeks of each other. Infinity War is out on May 4th and Deadpool 2 follows up exactly 2 weeks later on May 18th after getting pushed up from its original June 1st release date.

While the nature of the reshoots isn’t clear at this time, they aren’t expected to last very long. Generally, reshoots tend to last a few weeks, but there are exceptions. Justice League went through some reshaping with a new director, so the reshoots lasted longer and Ron Howard spent months on the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, both of those productions went through some heavy-duty personnel changes behind the scenes. Deadpool 2 hits theaters this May, and we might have to take a closer look to see if Ryan Reynolds really has CGI used on his abs, much like Henry Cavill shaving his mustache with CGI. You can check out the reshoot announcement below, from Josh Brolin’s Instagram account.

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