Did The Film “A Dog’s Purpose” Abuse Animals On Set? Damaging New Video!

For Today In Outrage we go to Hollywood! The family film, “A Dog’s Purpose” is opening in theaters across the nation on January 27th and has been promoted relentlessly with giant billboards, internet ads and movie trailers playing everywhere. If you have not yet tortured yourself by sitting through the trailer, you are in for a treat! Sit!

After watching the trailer for the film sane, rational people have to fight the urge to open up a puppy mill. However, the real dog’s purpose might have been to piss off the animal rights industrial complex. New footage was obtained by TMZ from the set of the movie as it was being filmed in November of 2015. In it a German Shepard named Hercules is frightened as trainers attempt to get him into fast, swirling pool of water. Someone yells “Just gotta throw him in.”  Eventually the dog is shoved into the water, then struggles desperately to get out. Did the crew go too far with the reluctant dog? Judge for yourself:

After the footage was obtained the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released an angry statement condemning what they consider to be a blatant mistreatment of the canine actor.

“PETA is calling on dog lovers to boycott the film in order to send the message that dogs and other animals should be treated humanely, not as movie props.”

Honestly the movie should be protested by animal rights groups not for any on set infractions that may have occurred, but for the ridiculous plot that the public has been forced to wrap their minds around over the past several months. A reincarnated dog that keeps coming back as different dogs until he finally hooks up with is original owner again?! UGH. Where is the outrage for the human abuse?  Can we just go back to the talking Kevin Spacey cat?

Actor Josh Gad who voices the reincarnated dog character in the movie also released a statement on Twitter;

So do you think the filmmakers were cruel to the dog or are the animal rights people just being a bunch of snowflakes? You have a tough choice Break voters. Remember; if you vote YES, you are agreeing with PETA, but if you vote NO you are OK with the footage you see in the clip (and also on the side of HOLLYWOOD, ugh)!

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