Did This Lady Snap A Picture Of “Irish Bigfoot” Or A Ghost?

Fans of cryptozoology are excited this week over a new picture that might have finally captured once and for all the legendary Big Foot. Or at least it is his Bigfoot cousin in Northern Ireland. 

Maxine Caulfield was walking her dogs in the Slieveanorra woods in County Antrim in Norther Ireland when the canines began to act all sorts of strange. The 49- year-old mother of one knew that something was up in the woods at the time. She says;

“I haven’t got a clue what it is but when I saw it, it really freaked me out. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before. The dogs are normally full of energy and never stop running but when we went through that part of the forest the just stopped still and stared in the same direction.”

Face of a dog who just saw a frickin’ squatch!

She took some pictures, but hadn’t noticed anything in person. Then, later she showed pictures she had taken of her and her dogs in the woods that day when someone noticed a “spooky” figure walking through the trees. That there is a ‘squatch! …Or some feel it could be a g..g..ghost.

Interestingly enough as legend would have it, the woods where Caulfield walks her dogs are known locally to contain GHOSTS. These ghost stories stem from an October 1942 plane crash when a B17 bomber from the US Airforce went down killing eight people.

For years she has heard of the woods being haunted. So either her other worldly photo contains a ghost, a sasquatch or the ghost of a sasquatch. She says;

“People were pointing out its face and saying it was Bigfoot. I’ve always been pretty open-minded about the paranormal. I don’t disbelieve, and this has really reinforced my view that there could be something out there.”

Another strange find in the woods was a wooden cross which was simply inscribed with the date of March 31st 1976. Could this be the grave of the ghostly figure seen in her picture?


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