Drunk Girl Stumbles Into Wrong Home, Attacks Residents Thinking They're Burglars

Ever been SO drunk you stumble into the wrong house? Me neither, but this 30-year-old woman certainly did. Unfortunately this story didn’t end with her coming to her senses, turning around quietly and walking out.

Stacey Bunyan was heading home after a night of drinking when she thought the home of Emily Campbell was hers. To be fair, they live in an area where all of the houses look identical but that excuse didn’t quite work by the end of the night.

Around 2AM, Campbell came out to the living room after hearing someone enter the house. That’s when she saw Bunyan standing there, completely inebriated. Campbell demanded Bunyan leave, but the drunk woman just wouldn’t budge. In fact, Bunyan thought she actually was in her own home and that Campbell was the intruder!

Campbell spoke to authorities stating, “We had never seen this woman before in our lives and there she was in our home at two in the morning, refusing to leave.” Campbell persisted, trying to get Bunyan to leave the house and that’s when Bunyan began to attack Campbell, still thinking that she was the intruder. Booze does some interesting things to people, folks.

Unfortunately for Campbell, she wasn’t alone in her house when Bunyan decided to throw some swings. Why unfortunately? Because her mother was there recovering from cancer so Campbell had the extra duty to not only fight off Bunyan, but to also protect her mom from getting attacked as well! Campbell said, “She was like an animal, she pulled out my hair, clawed at my face and even bit me.”

Finally, neighbors came to the rescue, witnessing the attack and quickly calling the police. After Bunyan was through with the attack, possibly even realizing that she was indeed in the wrong house, she made her way to the stairs to leave but fell down them like a cartoon character, hitting her head at the bottom.

Campbell was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for scratches after the fight, but luckily she’ll be okay. Bunyan however received more damage and we’re not talking about a powerful hangover. Word got back to what happened at her workplace and she was quickly demoted as Manager (that’s right, she’s worked above people) and was fined $500. Also an extra $500 to Campbell for what she did to her. If you ask me, that’s not nearly enough of a punishment, both legally and at her work place, but that’s how the law was handed down.

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