Dude Uses Neighbor's Wireless Printer And Unprotected Wifi For Hilarious Prank

This past Christmas a lot of people received a bunch of new tech-gadgets to fill their house with. Everyone seems to be living like Batman these days but even Batman can’t keep The Joker from hacking into a lot of these cool household devices. Sometimes The Joker doesn’t even need to hack into anything because even The Dark Knight apparently forgets to put a password on the simplest of wireless devices.

The neighbor who thought of the joke (let’s call him The Jokester) was on his computer the day after Christmas and noticed a new wifi connection in his listing. Apparently one of his neighbors had received a fancy wireless printer for Christmas. Only the connection wasn’t secure which was just begging for someone to screw with it. Tons of cookies and spiked nog make people forget to do the simplest things.

The jokester decided to send a file to the printer which would then be printed in his neighbor’s home. The message wasn’t anything threatening but it was pretty hilarious considering how fast smart technology seems to be growing.

Here’s the image of the file the jokester sent to print. Unfortunately he couldn’t get into the house to take an image of the printed result because that’s a whole other type of fun crime.

In this age of bizarre, smarter-than-us technology, we all know one day it’s just going to bite us in the ass. Self-driving cars…that will take you off a cliff. Smart phones…that will give you directions into a town ran by cannibals. Apple watches…that accidentally put your dick pics on Facebook. Y’know, real Tales from the Crypt type stuff. But for now, before the worst case scenario happens, it’s always good to have fun with people’s paranoia.

Apparently this prank was so effective, the jokester spotted his neighbor actually putting the wireless printer on the curb with the other garbage!

The jokester writes, “Update: My neighbor has thrown out the printer.” Sure, that could be the neighbor’s old printer and not the new wireless one but let’s assume the jokester walked over to check before giving the update. Either way, if not this reaction, you know the neighbor had to’ve been at least a little freaked out with the printed message. If not thinking the printer did it itself, but knowing someone on his block is just having a ball fucking with him.

Good times!

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