Dungeons and Dragons TV Tabletop!

With little more than pen, paper, dice, and imagination, a group of friends can transport themselves to another plane for shenanigans involving dungeons and/or dragons. An avid fan of D&D and a budding woodworker, Imgurian [CapnJackHarkness] decided to build gaming table with an inlaid TV for their inaugural project.

The tabletop is a 4’x4′ sheet of plywood, reinforced from underneath and cut out to accommodate a support box for the TV. Each leg ended up being four pieces of 1’x4′ wood, laminated together with a channel cut into one for the table’s power cable. An outer ledge has dice trays — if they’re even needed in today’s world — ready for all those nat 20s, cupholders because nobody likes crying over spilled drinks, and electrical outlets to keep devices charged. Foam squares cover the tabletop which can be easily removed and washed if needed — but more on that in a second. [CapnJackHarkness] painted the table as the wood rebuffed many attempts at staining, but they’re happy with how it turned out.

[CapnJackHarkness] based their build on a table made by Gaminggeek, adapting it to their space and needs. The main difference? This wasn’t exactly ‘cheap;’ between needing to purchase tools and a 39″ TV, their cost was around $1,000 — the poplar alone coming in between $200-$400. Additionally, those foam pads have been a functional nuisance so far, so they’re planning on replacing them with speed cloth or felt down the line.

While the game space displayed on the TV is handled by roll20, that doesn’t mean [CapnJackHarkness] or their friends can’t add a few extra props to their sessions.

[Via /r/gaming]

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