Elle Fanning Doesn’t Have Any Friends

Elle Fanning


In the current issue of Elle UK, Elle Fanning said she doesn’t have any friends and it’s Nicole Kidman’s fault.

On making new friends:

‘I’m not someone that has a lot of friends. I see people who have many friends and get really jealous. I have a good core of three or four friends who are really close to me.’

On the best advice she’s been given:

‘Nicole Kidman told me, “Find your tribe and they’ll always be behind you.” I like that.’

“Find your tribe”? I’m sure there’s a white blogger in NYC who will probably write 500 words on why that’s racist and tweet out with #BoycottKidman, but why doesn’t Elle Fanning have any friends? I’ll be her friend if you get what I’m saying here. No, wait.

On why Elle chooses to limit her presence on social media:

‘I recently turned my Instagram public on my 18th birthday, but I still don’t post everything I do, and I’m not on Twitter or Facebook. You have to leave a little mystery.

Ok, she’s 18. We’re good. I say we go to Popeye’s then see where the day takes us.

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