Finally, A Robot Sex Doll Brothel Could Be Opening In London In The Near Future.

Perverts rejoice, a brothel exclusively peddling the ability to screw animatronic sex dolls could be opening in London in the near future. LumiDolls, a company that opened Europe’s first robot brothel in Barcelona last February is spearheading the effort, and actively looking for Britain-based investors.

Come on, we know you have the money.

Is this weird? Extremely, but LumiDolls seems to be passionate about their product at least. The company claims the dolls are very realistic. They are made out of thermoplastic elastomer and cost about six thousand dollars each so you can be sure these ain’t your father’s futuristic-blue haired sex dolls.

Your father’s futuristic sex dolls didn’t even have hair.

LumiDolls offers four different dolls in their Barcelona location and each one hour session is about one hundred dollars a pop, no pun intended. Okay, I intended it, but I regret it. Though hundreds of people sharing the same four dolls sounds disgusting, the company assures its customers that they clean them off with the finest antibacterial soaps, which doesn’t really ease my fears at all. I wash my hands with that stuff all the time and I’ve been sick twice this year already.

The goal of LumiDolls is to help their customers become more comfortable with themselves. A spokesperson said “’With LumiDolls, customers can perform any of their sexual fantasies they do not dare to do with a woman. This allows them to fulfill their wildest fantasies that maybe with other people they cannot, maybe they have some physical complex that does not allow them to be comfortable with a person, and with a doll it makes them much easier this problem.”


Are LumiDolls the next big thing in adult entertainment, or is it just too weird for modern consumers? LumiDolls hopes to aid in developing a culture where person/robot love is totally chill. When talking about the future of LumiDolls, the spokesperson said “ … This sort of venture does have entertainment value, as one could foresee novel stag parties at such venues, and could also transform stigmas attached to relationships with such dolls should they become popular as part of the party sextertainment industry.”

Personally, I think we’ve got a few years before recreational sex doll use is seen as anything but odd, but we live in a weird, weird world and if the Pet Rock—which I also suspect may have been used as a sex toy—can become a commercially viable product, anything can happen.

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