Florida Dad Sells Ungrateful Son’s SUV On Craigslist For “Acting Like A Thug”

Allan Gieger Jr. of Jacksonville, Florida bought his son a 1998 Ford Explorer for his son’s 16th birthday as a way for him to get to school and work. It was a man’s truck and unfortunately it was given to someone who was still a boy.  

This is how you dad.

In response to the son smoking weed in the truck and driving around with his friends  “acting all thug” the goddamn boss of the household sold it on Craigstlist without warning to teach the kid some RESPECT. As a bonus Gieger said he would knock $250 off the price of the vehicle for any buyers who live in his area so his bitch ass son would see it being driven around by a stranger while he had to walk. Read Gieger’s entire epic Craigslist post, laying down the law;

The truck sold in just two hours! I like that he is honest about what all those stains and weird smells were from. You can almost picture the sullen, angry teen at a stoplight with one hand on the wheel, reclining way too far back in his seat as he passes a dooby to his equally pale, peach fuzz mustachioed friend.

Instead of appreciating the vehicle his father provided for him, he disrespected it and his parents. We need more fathers like this today who will stand up to their kids and not take any crap. Too many times parents are busy making “mercy rules” to be sure no feelings get hurt when the other team scores too many touchdowns. Well, guess what? If you show no mercy the lesson will work. Gieger reports that his son has started to straighten out and is even talking to his pops about “goals.”

With Father’s Day coming up I think the younger Gieger should polish his dads car and even go over and clean his old truck for the new owner. Way to turn over a new leaf, son!

What do you think of this punishment? Is this justified or did the dad go too far?

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