Florida State Kicker vs. Frat Fight Video, Xmas Brawl Revealed

Florida State Kicker

Frat Fight Video

Xmas Brawl Revealed

11/29/2017 1:00 AM PST


TMZ Sports has obtained footage of the street fight involving Florida State kicker Ricky Aguayo and several members of an FSU fraternity … and one thing’s clear — he was NOT jumped.

It all went down on Dec. 2 2016 — you can see Ricky square up to fight a Pi Kappa Phi frat bro in a Santa hat … while a spectator roots him on, “Hey Aguayo, f*ck him up bro!”

The two proceed to trade blows in front of the frat house — each landing some decent shots. At one point, one of the spectator frat bros throws a cheap shot at Aguayo … but the brawl continues. 

After Aguayo lost his shoe in the fight, one of the frat bros starts to heckle him saying, “You wanna do shit on our campus when you’re a fucking kicker?!”

“Your brother never did this shit … that’s why i respected your brother … not you, you little bitch.”

FYI, Ricky’s brother is former FSU kicker Roberto Aguayo, who was later drafted by the Tampa Bay Bucs. 

The fight continued … and at one point, Ricky’s teammate Ryan Izzo (tight end) tries to save Ricky and physically breaks up the fight. The frat boys want a piece of Izzo, who at one point shoves a PKP bro like a rag doll. 

Eventually, Izzo grabs Aguayo and they leave. 

Cops were called to the scene and Aguayo told police he was “jumped” by the frat guys — but the video looks far from a “jumping” situation. Looks like mutual combat to us.

No one pressed charges … but Ricky — an NFL prospect — is lucky he wasn’t seriously hurt. 

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